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The registration counter at the ground floor segregates the patients according to their clinical details and send them accordingly to the respective registration counters in Cardiology ,Neurology, Nephrology, Senior Senior Citizen Clinic (above the age of 70 years) and Staff clinic. Bar code scanning and numbering is done at the main registration counter located at the same floor. The staff at the Vitals Station measures the Blood Pressure (BP), Weight, Height and BMI.

Doctors Available are :

  • 1. Dr. Akshay Pramod Bhangale (Senior Resident)
  • 2. Dr. Naveen Prakash Dubey (Senior Resident)
  • 3. Dr. Arunim Purkayastha (Senior Resident)
  • 4. Dr. Richa Madhoiya (Senior Resident)

Diagnostic Tests Available are:

  • Endoscopy Lab

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